The Ampogee platform will increase
your productivity over 10%.

Ampogee is a cloud-based performance management platform that tracks and reports manufacturing processes in real-time, reducing costs through sustainable increases in productivity of over 10%. Through this easy-to-use platform, employees report their completed activities once per hour in a tablet (it takes less than 10 seconds) and managers can view live reporting data to improve overall manufacturing efficiency, coaching, and decision-making.



Ampogee is an industry-defining, out-of-the-box performance management solution that engages manufacturing- and operations-based teams like never before.

Easily Sustain Growth Through Process Improvements

Ampogee not only prevents lean process improvements from reverting to their original state, but also helps your team sustain a culture of continuous improvement.

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Increase Employee Ownership of their Work

Connecting individuals directly with their work ultimately helps to distribute problem solving, expedites individual action and builds personal accountability.

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Gain Visibility Across All Activities

You can track and improve the performance of all of the activities in your organization, not just the ones related to machinery.

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Improve Employee Engagement with the Organization

When teams are engaged in their work, everybody wins. Ampogee elevates engagement across your entire organization and drives productivity to unprecedented heights.

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Better Align Expectations

Easily align expectations on performance between leadership and team members, and immediately communicate updates to standards as they are improved. Help your team to expect the same level of results that you do.

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Give and Get Immediate Performance Feedback

Provide teams and individuals with immediate feedback on performance to start making improvements right away, and help them to recognize when they’re winning.

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Take Subjectivity Out of Team Vs. Individual Performance

Make results transparent and take the subjectivity out of individual and group recognition.

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Empower Your Employees to Grow

Help employees build the resume of the future, spot areas for personal growth, and inspire them to turn their work goals into personal goals.

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