how it works

Ampogee helps you digitize your productivity and loss tracking.

Your leaders can spend less time collecting data and more time acting on the results.

Input via mobile app

Use three basic inputs to collect all employee related activity in less than 10 seconds per hour

Immediate feedback on progress and performance towards goals

View the members of the team and select them to check on individual progress.

Realtime Scoreboards

View individual employee real time performance for immediate feedback

Simplify organizational performance to a single number for quick comparison

Visualize team performance in the ways that make sense for your organization


Managers can view individual progress of everyone on their team.

View real time progress against performance goals.

Employee Performance Trends

See the full story every day for each of the members on your team in their activity feed.

Visualize daily performance for individuals.

Input via mobile app

Track your progress against standard for every employee and team using our mobile application

Realtime Scoreboards

Intervene and prioritize quickly with realtime scoreboards on your manufacturing processes


Analyze detailed reports to identify trends and actionable opportunities in your manufacturing process

Employee Performance

Have fact based employee performance reviews with historical data collected during the entire review period for every employee