Manufacturing processes are so different, how will your solution work with mine?

You are absolutely right, it’s definitely not an easy task. Ultimately, the best thing would be for us to connect with you and discuss your needs individually. Otherwise, check out the Ampogee 101 primer course to understand how we have designed an application that supports most organizations.

How much does it cost?

No two manufacturers are the same, and so we work with our customers to understand their needs and customize our pricing per organization. However, we have a base rate of $1k / month, charge on a “per license” basis, and offer discounts based on the size of the organization, contract length, and payment method. Contact us directly for a personalized quote.

Does it work?

This is one of our most popular questions! As such, we have written an entire page just for this purpose – check it out!


What hardware do we need for your solution?

Our solution is delivered in three parts, and runs on all off-the-shelf hardware. Our goal is to make it as easy and as quick as possible for your organization to get up and running on our solution.
First is the mobile application. It is available via the Apple App Store, and Google Play on all iOS and Android devices. Our clients have reported the best experience on iOS devices, but it works just fine on many Androids as well. We do not actively support Windows based mobile devices (phones or tablets).

Second are the dashboards. Truly, all you need is a screen that has access to either Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Our dashboards are optimized for 16:9 ratio screens (widescreen), and can run on anything as small as your phone to as large as you want.

Third is the administrative panel. It’s a web based environment, so you just need a computer with access to the internet via either Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Internet Explorer 11 and above will work with our system, but we do not support support versions earlier than this.

Does your solution require specific hardware?

The short answer is no. We utilize all off the shelf hardware, most of which can be picked up at your local Best Buy or ordered from Amazon. In many instances, companies already have hardware they can use – our goal is to make this as simple and straightforward for your team as possible.

Can I use my own hardware?

Absolutely! If you have the hardware in place or already own it, our solution will likely run just fine. Recognize we have hardware we recommend for our clients in order to have the best experience possible (iOS based products). If your organization is not using this hardware, we will work with you to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Do we have to purchase the hardware, or will you?

Either way, totally depends on what works best for your organization. Many of our clients have found it easiest to purchase all of their hardware through us, as we’ll ship it to you fully configured with our application, as well as the most common user rights settings (automatic updates, user access to other applications, etc.).

However, if you want to go through your own purchasing department, expense reports, and / or IT team, that’s totally acceptable. Our solution will work just fine either way.

Can we lease our hardware from you?

Yes! We can include the cost of the hardware in your monthly subscription, and simplify the support model for your organization.

Do you offer hardware insurance?

Yes, but only on hardware purchased through us (either leased or owned).


Do you replace our ERP / MES system?

No, we are a Performance Management platform – with a specific focus on connecting people with activities and results. Many of your MES and ERP systems will support infrastructure and equipment, our goal is to provide a tool to support leadership in managing their teams. Therefore, we support your team to utilize the resources that you have in place even better.

Do you require integration with my current systems?

Nope! Our solution is completely stand-alone, and does not require any intense IT projects to get up and running. All it takes is a network connection (wifi, cellular data plan, wired, etc.) and someone who knows how to download an app from the App store.

Do you connect to external data sources, I.E., PLC's?

At this time we do not. However, we have plans to not only integrate with your PLC’s, but provide hooks to connect with your ERP, MES, and other 3rd party data sources. The glory of a cloud based solution like ours is from an integration standpoint, the sky is the limit. Contact us if you’d like to be notified when we have this in place.

On which platforms does it run?

Our mobile application runs on iOS and Android. Everything else is available via the cloud, so it runs on the latest version of all the popular browsers.

How often is your solution updated?

We are continuously pushing out updates every week, adding both new features and fixing bugs as soon as we become aware of them.

If you have a question not listed here, feel free to contact us.