real-time productivity software for your team

Your operators interact with an iPad app and their status is posted live.

Zero capital investment

You can start collecting data without the up-front capital investment required by other software solutions.

Turn work into fun

When employees can see how they are doing against their peers, a competitive environment is boosts productivity.



Ampogee replaces paper tracking

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Go digital without the pricetag

You want to eliminate paper-based tracking systems, but you don't want to invest a lot of money? We built the app just for you.



“It’s so easy to pull operational excellence data now. I can access data in 10 seconds that I’ve never had before. We are lucky to have Ampogee, and we feel like it’s a tremendous value!”

-Javier Leon, Patheon Operational Excellence Site Lead


“In lean, historically, the challenge has not been in making process improvements, but maintaining them over the long haul. Ampogee provides the missing link to lean, and allows our organization to effortlessly sustain the change.”

-Michael Green, Sandvik Engineering & Lean Manager

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