how it works

Ampogee is a configurable iOS application that allows your teams to measure and improve their work real time.

1. Configure an application

We load in your standards and goals to make the app work for your team


2. Implement + Train

In less than 30 minutes, train your team in our user friendly, intuitive mobile app

3. View Real-Time Data

Visualize individual and team performance on TV displays throughout your manufacturing area


4. Analyze Performance

Leaders spend time making decisions rather than gathering data

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who we are

Ampogee grew out of the belief that organizations thrive when their people believe their work matters.

Jennifer Biggs_circle

Jennifer Biggs, CEO

Jennifer has a passion for leading and motivating teams through cultural transformations. She believes that people come to work everyday to be great.

Patrick Turner_circle

Patrick Turner, CTO

Patrick has a passion for helping SaaS companies build robust solutions with a culture-focused approach to software development. 




“It’s so easy to pull operational excellence data now. I can access data in 10 seconds that I’ve never had before. We are lucky to have Ampogee, and we feel like it’s a tremendous value!”

-Javier Leon, Patheon Operational Excellence Site Lead


“In lean, historically, the challenge has not been in making process improvements, but maintaining them over the long haul. Ampogee provides the missing link to lean, and allows our organization to effortlessly sustain the change.”

-Michael Green, Sandvik Engineering & Lean Manager

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